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Australia Wide is Not Affiliated with the ANKC in any way.
If a prefix is not listed on this site, it does not mean it is free to register with your State Canine Association.
You still have to adhere to the ANKC rulings. Prefixes cannot be registered through the site and
you should always check with your State Canine Association on the availability of prefixes.


Who is
My name is Kerry McKinnon, I breed and exhibit Black & Blue Great Danes in Victoria and can also be found at my personal website

Why does exist?
When I was looking at registering my own prefix, I had no idea what prefixes were taken and there was no such site to search for the information.
I had contacted the ANKC about such a site, for which they said they would do it, but they never did.

Why is my prefix or one that I know exists not listed?
If a prefix is not listed, it is most likely because we have not come across it and entered it from our sources or it has not been submitted to the website for entry.

Where do we source prefix information? sources include State Canine Association gazettes old and new, show catalogues also old and new, the Internet and members of the registered dog world.

What information does collect?
We store the prefix and the breeds we know the prefix to be associated with at time of entry. If a prefix has been submitted through the website, the email address is recored for verification purposes only.
We do not store or provide to any other information, including the prefix owner(s) name, location, email address, phone number, or State Canine Association membership.

Is setting up a mailing list? Will prefix owners receive SPAM from this site?
We don't store any email addresses associated to prefixes nor are we setting up a mailing list, so there is no chance of prefix owners receiving any SPAM from this website.

Any email addresses recorded for verification purposes at the time of prefix submission to the website, will not be passed on or disclosed to any third party source. We do require you to submit your email when you submit your prefix so that we can contact you if we need to clarify anything, but we do not use your email address for any other purpose.

Privacy Statement

Collection of personal information ('Prefix Search') collects limited personal information which is provided through the prefix submission form and is limited to the email address and any other details provided in the submission such as your name and phone number.

How may use the information
Prefix Search may use the personal information to contact the sender of the prefix submission by return email (if required) to verify details of the information that has been provided to us.
We will never send information about the submitter of prefixes or other information to any other party.

Opt Out
As the prefix owner(s), if you no longer wish us to have your prefix listed on this site, you can request the removal of the prefix information by emailing us requesting your prefix to be removed.

Accuracy of personal information
If any of the details listed about your prefix have changed or that any information we have about you is inaccurate, contact us and we will correct the information.

Commercial Advertising
Please email us to discuss your needs.

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